Midwest Service Group
While Midwest Service Group (formerly Midwest Asbestos Abatement) began solely as an asbestos abatement company and is now the largest asbestos contractor in the Saint Louis area, our success and experience have led us to add other important services, including lead abatement, mold remediation, hazardous material abatement and interior demolition. Our ability to perform and the quality of our work are strong and consistent throughout all facets of our business.

As society continues to grow and change, environmental safety and high environmental standards remain essential. Builders continue to build, developers continue to develop, innovators look to renovate and cities look to revitalize. Homeowners hope to live in environmentally sound homes. Educators look to provide education in healthy classrooms. As these groups work to create better communities, a healthy, safe environment is imperative.

While the world's industries have provided many significant and essential advances, consumers and businesses have grown more aware of the dangers of such environmental hazards as asbestos, mold, lead, mercury and oil spills. Because good health and sound environments are so essential to our high standard of living, Midwest Service Group is committed to the cause of creating and maintaining healthy environments in which people can safely and securely live, work, learn and grow. Our business, in many ways, is a community service, a necessary solution to problems of the past.

As such, we take what we do very seriously, holding ourselves to a high standard of excellence and quality customer service. Midwest Service Group has succeeded based on sound core values, commendable ethics, quality workmanship and high customer satisfaction. As we branch into more states and regions throughout the United States, we are committed to continuing excellent service to our valued customers in greater St. Louis Missouri and Illinois.

Another key part of our success is our commitment to education, training and industry certification for our elite team members. We value our standard of excellence in workmanship as well as our outstanding safety record.

Midwest Service Group has earned national recognition for innovative project planning and execution of some of the industry's most complex projects in the Midwest region. We've effectively managed independent projects and assisted other contractors in environmental remediation, asbestos abatement and interior demolition projects. Our experience allows us to perform each and every task efficiently and expertly, providing a significant advantage to the client by proving to be both thorough and cost-effective.

In all things, large or small, Midwest Service Group delivers quality service through skilled and experienced leadership and workmanship, maintaining a high standard based on professional integrity and the genuine commitment of our stellar team. Having added four states to the reach of our business since 2006, we look forward to our continued growth and excellence in an industry that relies on exceptional knowledge, competency and many times, expediency. We look forward, as well, to exceeding both present and future clients' expectations as we have many times in the past. Midwest Service Group's strong track record of success on all types of projects gives merit to our pride in all that we've done, all that we do and all that we will do as we move toward a bright future.

TPO Training
Wednesday April, 30th 2014

On April 3rd & 4th, MSG Roofing Division held a TPO training session for 18 new and experienced roofing technicians.  Topic covered...