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Midwest Service Group can provide
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2013 Report Card for America's Infrastructure - October 1st, 2013

Did you know that almost half of
America’s public school buildings were buil...

UrbanLIFT Will Be Helping to Rehab a Lucky Neighborhood - September 23rd, 2013

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2013 Report Card for America's Infrastructure
Tuesday October, 1st 2013

Did you know that almost half of America’s public school buildings were built to educate the “baby boomers”- a generation that is now getting ready to retire from the workforce?  Experts in education estimate the investment needed to modernize and maintain our nation’s school facilities is at least $270 billion dollars or more.

According the website www.infrastructurereportcard.org the schools in our nation have a grade of a D+ which in the grading system means “poor”.  State & local funding for school construction and renovation continues to decline and currently is about half of what it was prior to the recession.  Sending children to school in these aging facilities could present health hazards, especially for asbestos contamination.

With public school enrollment for young children expect to increase through 2019 we are hopeful that both government & the public will work together to devise plans for updating classrooms and schools making sure that they are safe.  The experts at Midwest Service Group are always available to evaluate project that may warrant asbestos & lead abatement, mold mediation, demolition and hazardous waste removal.  Our trained staff is just a phone call away at 636-926-7800.  We have the training, certifications, tools and experience to get the job done safely and effectively.